High performance for maximum flexibility and low total cost of ownership

The MAIROFlex is one of the most flexible automation solutions on the market and has the greatest variety of applications in this sector. The all-rounder from MAIROTEC® is designed for use in almost all market segments - from the metal industry to trade and the medical sector

The MAIROFlex series was developed on the basis of MAIROTEC's experience in the diverse world of automation. The result: a reliable, versatile and efficient quality solution for your production environment. Customers benefit from the uniquely wide range of applications of the MAIROFlex series, which impress with their performance, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

A lean modular system promises custom-fit and flexible robots, fast delivery times and a low total cost of ownership - thanks to minimised maintenance requirements, a reduced number of spare parts and a 5-year full warranty including maintenance and wear parts. The options of different payloads and the choice between industrial robots or cobots make the MAIROFlex a highly flexible automation solution and a safe investment in the future of your production.


Load capacity in kg Table

12 – 30
Load capacity in kg Table robot

1800 – 2100
Range in mm

Best in Class

With the MAIROFlex series, MAIROTEC presents an automation solution that sets standards with its innovative features - for both classic and digitalised production environments. The result goes far beyond technical details and also includes long-term aspects such as the simplification of commissioning, maintenance effort and process optimisation of the system.

Maximum flexibility

The MAIROFlex series impresses with the possibility of different payloads and the choice between industrial robots or cobots as well as maximum performance and advanced design. A wide range of expansion options, a patented flex system and an extremely small footprint ensure maximum flexibility in use and in cell and system planning. The optimised working area in front of and behind the machine offers improved accessibility in a wide range of applications.

One for all

As the world's first multiflex solution, the MAIROFlex series offers a wide range of possibilities and options. In the area of material provision, there is a choice between Euro pallets, mesh boxes, Euro crates, conveyor belt systems or a simple table support. In the area of material detection, there is the classic fixed positioning or 2-D camera detection through to 3-D bin picking.

Sustainably low TCO

MAIROFlex not only impresses with maximum production efficiency, but also with its economical commissioning and maintenance concept. With top values in mean time between failure and a reduced number of components in the complete modular system, the series sets standards on the market in terms of TCO. Downtimes and maintenance costs are minimised by a 5-year full warranty including service and spare parts. The MAIROFlex series therefore impresses with a significant reduction in running costs.

Fast cell and system planning

The MAIROFlex series simplifies cell and system planning, even in complex situations, thanks to a patented flex system and an extremely small footprint. The wide range of possible applications and the choice of different options result in more economical cell planning. The mobility of the MAIROFlex series also allows quick repositioning and enables flexibility in system planning and realisation.


The MAIROFlex is protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging as standard and is therefore equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.

Foundry variant: Optimum moulding, casting and processing in wet, dusty and hot working environments
From sand mould production, casting and forging to surface finishing: the foundry version of the KR QUANTEC, fully equipped in protection class IP67 and IP65, is suitable for use in the foundry and forging industry and works reliably at temperatures of up to 55°C and up to 10s per minute at 180°C, e.g. when gripping in a furnace.


MAIROFlex 12
MAIROFlex 20
MAIROFlex 30
Table load capacity
1000 kg
1000 kg
1000 kg
Robot payload
12 kg
20 kg
30 kg
1800 mm
1800 mm
2100 mm
Camera 2D option
Camera 3D option
Protection class
IP 65
IP 65/ IP 67
IP 65/ IP 67
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