MAIROFlex iisy

With the MAIROFlex iisy, MAIROTEC presents a collaborative automation solution that sets standards with its innovative features - for both classic and digitalised production environments. The result goes far beyond technical details and also includes long-term aspects such as the simplification of commissioning, maintenance effort and process optimisation of the system.


As the world's first multiflex solution, the MAIROFlex series offers a wide range of possibilities and options. In the area of material provision, there is a choice between Euro pallets, mesh boxes, Euro crates, conveyor belt systems or a simple table support. In the area of material detection, there is the classic fixed positioning or 2-D camera detection through to 3-D bin picking.


With MAIRobot, MAIROTEC has developed software for the holistic operation of your automation line with just one handheld or HMI. Any number of robots and functions bundled in MAIRobot on the ctrlX Core.

MAIRobot enables simple, intuitive scrolling through various automation levels. It enables the control of complex production lines with an HMI/handheld. With MAIRobot, you benefit from cost-efficient commissioning and operation of all new-generation KUKA robots in ctrlX AUTOMATION. 


MAIROTEC® is putting all its experience into the development of a modular automation cell of the future. In future, you will be able to customise your cell as you wish.

MAIROTEC is a perfect choice for many manufacturers in the OEM sector. Save yourself expensive development costs and opt for a consistent line in the field of automation. Put your trust in the experts and have your product customised for you.

Mairotec offers innovations you can touch

Mairotec is the first company to test the KUKA online shop

MAIROTEC was the first company worldwide to test KUKA AG's new online shop. Among the products ordered was the new LBR iisy- Cobotan innovative cobot of the latest generation from the robot manufacturer. It is flexible to use, intuitive to operate and reliable in contact with humans - the LBR iisy is a cobot for all production areas.

Modular and mobile automation cells 

MAIROTEC® and Bosch Rexroth are pooling all their experience and jointly developing modular automation cells of the future.
In future, you will be able to customise your cell as you wish.

MAIROTEC® - Mobile automation cells

Profit Benefit from the flexibility and fast ROI of mobile automation cells from MAIROTEC® Decide They are suitable for various robot systems up to 50 kg load capacity and various options such as camera systems and much more. No matter Whether industrial robots or collaborative robots for working together between man and machine - MAIROTEC offers you your own flexible Solution.

Innovation Centre - Coming soon...

We are building an innovation centre of the future for you. In collaboration with KUKA and Bosch-Rexroth, we are building the next generation of industrial production. Visit the production of the future on almost 1000 square metres. Whether automation cells, AGVs, AMRs or assembly lines. We will show you what is possible and offer you the opportunity to experience automation and robotics live.

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